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Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association is the basic legal document; a contract between the partners to form a LLC. This document sets the limits of company and it should contain following information:-

• Name of the company, its objectives and registered office address.
• Name of the partners, their nationalities, place of residence and residential addresses.
• Amount of the share capital, share of each partner and value of each share.
• Names of the partners and method of capital contribution by the partners.
• Names of the directors and their nationalities.
• Date of commencement and period of contract.
• Method of profits or losses distribution and share of the partners in the profits or losses.
• The procedure to be adopted for sending notices to the partners.

No company can carry on its business safely without a properly drafted MoA. Such documents shall be drafted by expert lawyers who have got practical wisdom with regard to application of law.

Maximslaw offer professional services for drafting/reviewing MoA, reviewing your proposed company structure and other relevant legal documentation to evaluate and identify your legal priorities.