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Wills Drafting and Registration

A will or testament is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons as beneficiaries or to manage his or her estate and provides for the distribution of his or her property at death. In simple words, Will is a legal document where you can specify your wishes as to disbursement of your assets after you death. Assets may include real estate, money, investments, jewellery, vehicles and personal or household belongings that you own, and they can be bequeathed to individuals, families or institutions, either part or as a whole. Apart from this one can specify certain other matters like appointment of guardianship for your children and even your own funeral arrangements.

According to UAE laws, all your assets will be disbursed as per Sharia law after your death, if you have not written/registered a will. So, to protect your assets and to make it reach to the right hands registering a will is the best way out. Even though registration of will is not mandatory, it gives more security to your wishes.
DIFC opened its own Wills and Probate Registry on 3rd May 2015 and has created a history in expat’s asset disbursement laws. A non-muslim can now register his will in DIFC and can bypass the time consuming procedure under Dubai Courts, on occasion and resulting uncertainty.