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Our Team


Sr. Advocate Mr. Mohamed Youseff

Sr. Advocate Mr. Mohamed Youseff, the Founder Chairman of the Legal Maxims. He is a designated Senior Advocate in India. He was holding the office of the Addl. Advocate General of Kerala, India. He practices in the Supreme Court and various High Courts in India. He is an authority in Criminal law and Constitutional law in India. He started his legal practice in the year 1972. Our Chairman, at the age of 26 started his legal practice in the year 1972. He started his practice under a highly reputed and prominent senior lawyer Mr. T.C.N. Menon who was the Additional Advocate General of Kerala and one of the two chief legal advisers to the cabinet office of the Government of Kerala. He has acquired eminence in almost all branches of law within a short span of time, where many others had to take long innings for such a tremendous development. Criminal, Civil, Tax, Constitutional, Labor and Service matters were easily dealt by him and he became a famous lawyer at a younger age. Within a short span of time he joined a law firm, named the Associated Law Chamber of which partners have later elevated as Judges to the highest court in the state. At the age of 48, he was appointed by the state cabinet as the Additional Advocate General. In 2001 he was conferred with the title of Designated Senior Advocate to become one among 35 of that category out of 45000 plus advocates in the State of Kerala. Thereafter he was appointed as the Senior Counsel for the Government of India in the Supreme Court which is the apex court of India with original and appellate jurisdiction on all the legal matters. This historical background of the head of our law firm has given all scope and avenue to fast grow our law firm to its zenith in India and particularly in the State of Kerala. This background of the firm paved way to spread the wings to areas in United States, U.K, and to other countries as well.


Mr. Mohammed Sharafudheen

Mr. Mohammed Sharafudheen, who is a practicing lawyer and the Founder Managing Director of the Legal Maxims, is a Law Graduate with extensive experience in Legal, Business, and Human Resources. Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Pune, India in 1992. He specialized in Diploma in Labor laws & Labor Welfare (DLL&LW) from the University of Pune. He is a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful Managing Director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company Profitability and efficiency. He started his profession in the High Court of Kerala in the year 1992 and further extended to various parts of India and Middle East. Being a result oriented Legal professional with an expertise in Litigation, Consultation and Corporate Documentations, he is Proficient in providing all legal counseling on various issues and planning strategies followed in various legal matters related to Business, Employment, Trade Mark and Copyright, Commercial Contracts, Debt Recovery, Civil and Criminal litigations, Commercial (Company Formation & Trade Licensing), Banking, Labor, Property & Real Estate, Family law, Corporate Governance, etc. His strong skills are drafting, vetting and formulating of various documents like Agreements, Commercial Contracts, Wills, Power of Attorney and Memorandum of Understanding, Affidavits, Guarantees, Indemnities, Financial Guarantees, Letter of Credits etc. and to establish validity, adequacy, legality, effectiveness, and enforceability of all documents and transactions. Registration of trademarks and copyrights, formation of various kinds of companies and trade license are adding value to his company since it is one of the leading corporate firm in the United Arab Emirates.


Advocate Aysha Youseff

Advocate Aysha Youseff is one of the Directors of the company who is a senior lady lawyer She has held office of the standing counsel of various government departments and authorities. She has also held the office of the Senior Public Prosecutor, Senior Public Pleader and the advisor to the state government.


Advocate Mumthaz Sharafudheen

Advocate Mumthaz Sharafudheen is the Executive Director of the company. Graduated Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Pune. She started her legal profession in 2001 as lawyer in the High Court of Kerala. India. During her long years of practice, she represented lot of major corporate and Government institutions. She has attained her legal experience in the field of Corporate, Commercial and Family laws.


Advocate Rabia Beegom,

Advocate Rabia Beegom, is another Director who is also a practicing lawyer in India specialized in Family and Personal laws.